I have been living in Australia for nearly 7 years and my way to become a permanent resident was not easy. Mr. Niraj Shrestha’s service was suggested by my best friend who also was his client before and she had very positive opinion about him.

I would like to mention that I gained information regards my situation from other migration agents and unfortunately they were not very optimistic. Finally I have decided that I need somebody who has knowledge in specific area and resolved similar case before. Mr. Niraj Shrestha helped me finalize skill assessment from ANMAC and when I received positive response he continued with application for permanent residency. I was impressed by his fast and effective service. His knowledge and experience allowed us to receive positive outcome in incredibly short period of time.

We are really appreciated to Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his team for their dedication and effort which they put on my case. I wish him all the best in the future. If anyone ever asks us about migration quires we do not hesitate to suggest Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his team.

I hereby Mr. Nirajan Shrestha would like to share this special moment of my life by thanking Neil Consultancy and its members from the very bottom of my heart without whose help and support my dream could not be possible to become PR of Australia, so once again i would like to thank you guys for your hard work and time putting together for the positive outcome of my result and I owe you for this one:)). Similarly, I would also like to advice all of my colleagues and friends to go and seek help from Neil consultancy for any kind of issues related with your visas & Immigration purpose , they are always ready to help you with their open heart and give you the best counseling related with your Immigration problems accordingly. It’s never too late , So Please visit Neil Consultancy and take advantage of it on time rather u sit down & regret later for your whole life . Cheers!!!
I am Renuka Pathak, a Nepalese citizen and a permanent resident of Australia. Like others, I had a same dream and thoughts when I came to Australia. Due to lack of immigration rules and frequent changes, it was very hard to process our visa towards permanent residency. I applied my Temporary residence in 2009.Because of my relationship breakdown with my former husband, my application was rejected. I was totally upset and frustrated. I had no idea what to do next. I was visiting migration offices here and there to get proper advices. In the mean time, one of my relative brothers referred me to Zenith Immigration services (now Neil Consultancy).I came to know about Niraj dai from that day. He went through my case very deeply and suggested me to apply for MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) and we did the same. Unfortunately, MRT tribunal affirmed the decision made by DIBP and I didn’t have any hope that I could pursue further.

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I had applied for my wife’s visa thrice from my previous agent in Pakistan, which was rejected once and made invalid twice. I was very depressed and upset as I was away from my family and wife for more than one and a half years by then. This is when I approached Neil Consultancy for advice and help. I was informed I had to reapply and lodge my visa again as when I had applied for my own visa I did not mention my marriage and my wife. Due to this her visa was invalid and until my visa is not approved again I cannot call her here. I felt there was some hope now and was satisfied with Niraj and his team’s efforts.

My visa was lodged again through Neil consultancy mentioning my marital status and wife and within a month I received approval. Neil consultancy then proceeded to lodge my wife’s application. This was the third time it was applied for, but the first time lodged by Neil consultancy and within a few months time I heard the news that her visa was valid and granted. I am very very grateful to Neil consultancy for their support and guidance. Had I not approached them, my wife would not have been able to come here. I appreciate their work and advice and would definitely refer them to others with visa issues. My case was delayed due to the negligence of my previous agent who was unaware of the procedures and that my wife’s visa was invalid as a result of flaws in my original visa lodgment. I was given proper and accurate information by Neil consultancy and within the first lodgment of my wife’s visa here, it was approved. I am thankful to them for their assistance and services and am now living happily with my wife in Australia.

I have been living In Sydney for a while and had been distant from child who was living in Nepal. When I came to Australia my IELTS results caused issues for me to stay here since I didn’t get atleast 6 in each component. Due to this I couldn’t apply for a PR. After applying for temporary residency, I had to apply for a student visa and was very hopeless and desperate for help. This is when I came in contact with Neil Consultancy on recommendation. I was guided through everything and directed about what and how to do things. I eventually applied for a working visa (subclass 457) including my husband and child. Niraj supported me, helped in the processing of my application and took my case very seriously.

I really appreciate their advice and help as my visa was very soon granted. Now I am living in Sydney, without the need to study and am working well. With their help, I could call my child here too and now we are living together and are stable in our jobs. I came with my hopes and dreams and Neil consultancy has made me one step closer to achieving them. I have also lodged an application for my mother and am eagerly awaiting her arrival soon. I am very thankful to Niraj as without his guidance it would have been very difficult. My visa application was processed without problems and I would willingly recommend Neil Consultancy to all my friend’s and others in need for immigration help. They were very good in their dealings and dedicated towards my goals and interests. I was given correct advice and not mislead unlike many stories of immigration fraud by other companies that I’ve been hearing. I placed my trust, genuinely and completely in Niraj and the results were favourable and very rewarding. I greatly appreciate their help and wish them the best in the future. .

I approached Neil Consultancy upon recommendation when my application for a 457 Visa through another agent was rejected. I had many hopes and dreams that were reliant on the acceptance of my visa application. I then consulted Niraj who dealt with my case and was advised about the procedures and application process for which I needed to go overseas for a while. I had no expectations since my application was already refused however had some hope and put my trust and confidence in Niraj’s work. While I was overseas, my application was lodged. I was eagerly waiting for response but didn’t expect anything soon but within 2 weeks I heard from Neil consultancy that my visa application had been granted. I was very surprised yet delighted to hear this news and felt that this brought me one step closer to achieving my goals and dreams and having a bright future.

This was a very important opportunity for me and am very grateful to Niraj and Neil consultancy. I greatly appreciate their hard work, time and advice since it was very difficult for me to have been granted this visa due to the previous rejection that hindered my chances due to my previous agent and thus had very low expectations. However Neil consultancy made it possible. I am very thankful to them and wish them the best for their future endeavors. I advise anyone who needs help, to consult Neil Consultancy since they put all their efforts into their work and results are favourable and quick. I am genuinely very happy and satisfied that I came in contact with Niraj and thank them for their humble and kind manner of dealing with me.

I greatly appreciate the guidance, help and effort put in by Niraj and his team and has successfully been granted a NSW regional sponsorship visa. Previously, I had applied for PR according to the advice by my previous agent however I was given incorrect information due to which my application was refused. He had advised me to lodge my application with my IELTS results but didn’t know that it can only be accepted if the submitted IELTS, was given before the date of the PR application lodgment. I could score IELTS each band 6.0 only after my PR application and hence my visa was refused because I didn’t meet the mandatory requirements at the time of visa application. I was furious at my previous agent’s inaccuracy of information and misleading behavior.

This is when I came in contact with Neil consultancy. I approached Niraj regarding my visa and issues and was advised to apply for a Regional Visa (Subclass 489). He guided through step by step and everything went smoothly. Niraj directed me on what and how to do everything and was told that I needed to be overseas while my application was lodged and I did the same. I followed his directions and within some months, my visa was granted. This was all due to Niraj’s assistance and accurate guidance. He was very helpful and was not misinformed about any of the legal procedures. I was supported by the company and am thankful for their constant guidance. Niraj was not only professional, ethical and good at his job but also very kind and modest. My experience with Niraj and his company was great and I would advise others who are in need of such help to seek their advise. I highly appreciate their work and am now happily living in Sydney with my wife.

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